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Wednesday, Aug 10th, 2016
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Wednesday, Feb 24th, 2016
Saving MultiCellDS data from BioFVM: Note: This is the fifth in a series of "how-to" blog posts to help new users and developers of BioFVM. IntroductionA major initiative for my lab ... [read more]

MultiCellDB : All Digital Cell Lines

MultiCellDB is currently undergoing a major software upgrade and customizations at the USC Information Sciences Institute. After the upgrade and customizations are complete, this portal will be supplemented with the newer portal. Please see http://portals.MultiCellDS.org. The data on this static portal represent the initial MultiCellDB repository in December 2016.

See http://portals.MultiCellDS.org for a list of other portals to MultiCellDB.

Versioning Information

This static portal is current as of December 7, 2016. It will be replaced by newly indexed data on occasion. The "master" data can be accessed directly at gitlab, at:


All Digital Cell Lines Collection

Description: This is a list of all MultiCellDS digital cell lines. They include prokaryotes (bacteria) and yeast as well as mammalian cell lines. We have both "standard" culture lines as well as patient-derived digital cell lines for ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) and glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). Major contributors are indicated below.
Total count: 235
Major Contributors: David M. Bortz, Ph.D. (ORCID: 0000-0003-1163-7317)
Hermann B. Frieboes, Ph.D. (ORCID: 0000-0001-5959-4286)
Shannon M. Mumenthaler, Ph.D. (ORCID: 0000-0003-2687-3769)
Kerri-Ann Norton, Ph.D. (ORCID: 0000-0003-1002-9467)
Russell C. Rockne, Ph.D. (ORCID: 0000-0002-1557-159X)
Suzanne S. Sindi, Ph.D. (ORCID: 0000-0003-2742-4332)
Kristin Swanson, Ph.D. (ORCID: 0000-0002-2464-6119)
License: CC-BY 4.0
MultiCellDB_ID Digital Cell Line organism Description and notes
MCDS_L_0000000001 MCF10A_JSB human MCF-10 PSON (breast epithelium (Mammary gland) cells)
MCDS_L_0000000002 MDA_MB_231 human MDA-MB-231 PSON (breast Adenocarcinoma (Mammary gland) cells)
MCDS_L_0000000003 MCF10A_JSB human MCF10A (Breast epithelium cells)
MCDS_L_0000000004 MDA-MB-231 human MDA-MB-231 (Breast Adenocarcinoma cells)
MCDS_L_0000000007 A_375 human A-375 (Malignant Melanoma cells)
MCDS_L_0000000008 Caco_2 human Caco-2 (Colorectal Adenocarcinoma cells)
MCDS_L_0000000009 CAOV_3 human Caov-3 (Ovarian Cancer cells)
MCDS_L_0000000010 Capan_1 human Capan-1 (Pancreatic Carcinoma cells)
MCDS_L_0000000011 DU4475 human DI4475 (Breast Cancer cells)
MCDS_L_0000000012 DU_145 human DU-145 (Prostate Carcinoma metastasized to the Brain cells)
MCDS_L_0000000013 HCC1937 human HCC1937 (Breast Cancer cells)
MCDS_L_0000000014 HCT_116 human HCT116 (Colorectal Carcinoma cells)
MCDS_L_0000000015 HTERT_HME1 human hTERT-HME1 (Mammary Epithelium cells)
MCDS_L_0000000016 HTERT_HPNE human hTERT HPNE (Normal Pancreas cells)
MCDS_L_0000000017 line_22Rv1 human 22Rv1 (Prostate Carcinoma cells)
MCDS_L_0000000018 LNCAP_CLONE_FGC human LNCaP (Prostate Carcinoma metastasized to left supraclavicular lymph node cells)
MCDS_L_0000000019 LoVo human LoVo (Colorectal Adenocarcinoma metastasized to left supraclavicular region cells)
MCDS_L_0000000020 MCF_7 human MCF7 (Breast Adenocarcinoma cells)
MCDS_L_0000000021 MDA_MB_468 human MDA-MB-468 (Breast Adenocarcinoma cells)
MCDS_L_0000000022 MeWo human MeWo (Malignant melanoma cells)
MCDS_L_0000000023 NCI_BL2087 human NCI-BL2087 (B lymphoblast cells)
MCDS_L_0000000024 NCI_BL2126 human BL2126 (B lymphoblast cells)
MCDS_L_0000000025 NCI_H2087 human NCI-H2087 (Lung Adenocarcinoma metastasized to Lymph Node cells)
MCDS_L_0000000026 NCI_H2126 human NCI-H2126 (Non-small cell Lung Cancer cells)
MCDS_L_0000000027 NCI_PBCF_HTB_38 human HT-29 (Colon Adenocarcinoma cells)
MCDS_L_0000000028 NIH_OVCAR_3 human OVCAR-3 (Ovarian Adenocarcinoma cells)
MCDS_L_0000000029 NL20 human NL20 (Normal Lung cells)
MCDS_L_0000000030 PANC_1 human PANC-1 (Pancreatic Carcinoma cells)
MCDS_L_0000000031 PC_3 human PC-3 (Prostate Adenocarcinoma metastasized to Bone cells)
MCDS_L_0000000032 RWPE_1 human RWPE-1 (HPV-18 Immortalized Prostate cells)
MCDS_L_0000000033 SK_MEL_2 human SK_MEL_2 (Malignant melanoma cells)
MCDS_L_0000000034 SK_OV_3 human SK-OV-3 (Ovarian Adenocarcinoma cells)
MCDS_L_0000000035 SW480 human SW480 (Colon Adenocarcinoma cells)
MCDS_L_0000000036 SW620 human SW620 (Colorectal Adenocarcinoma cells)
MCDS_L_0000000037 T98G human T98G (Glioblastoma Multiforme cells)
MCDS_L_0000000038 T_47D human T-47D (Breast Carcinoma cells)
MCDS_L_0000000039 U_87 human U-87 MG (Glioblastoma-Astrocytoma cells)
MCDS_L_0000000040 VCAP human VCaP (Prostate Cancer cells)
MCDS_L_0000000041 WM_266_4 human WM-266-4 (Malignant Melanoma cells)
MCDS_L_0000000042 ZR_75_1 human ZR-75-1 (Breast Carcinoma cells)
MCDS_L_0000000043 HUVEC human HUVEC (Hunman Umbilical Vein/Vascular Endothelium cancer cells)
MCDS_L_0000000044 S. cerevisiae S. cerevisiae S. cerevisiae (budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells)
MCDS_L_0000000045 E. coli E. coli E. coli (bacterial cells)
MCDS_L_0000000046 S. aureus S. aureus S. aureus (bacterial cells)
MCDS_L_0000000047 Lymphoma Arf Null mouse Lymphoma Arf Null (lymphoma drug-sensitive cells)
MCDS_L_0000000048 Lymphoma p53 Null mouse Lymphoma p53 Null (lymphoma drug-resistant cells)
MCDS_L_0000000049 DCIS_ACP2011_8 human DCIS_ACP2011_8 (ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast cells -- anonymized case 8)
MCDS_L_0000000050 DCIS_ACP2011_13 human DCIS_ACP2011_13 (ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast cells -- anonymized case 13)
MCDS_L_0000000051 DCIS_ACP2011_14 human DCIS_ACP2011_14 (ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast cells -- anonymized case 14)
MCDS_L_0000000052 DCIS_ACP2011_15 human DCIS_ACP2011_15 (ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast cells -- anonymized case 15)
MCDS_L_0000000053 DCIS_ACP2011_17 human DCIS_ACP2011_17 (ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast cells -- anonymized case 17)
MCDS_L_0000000054 DCIS_ACP2011_18.1 human DCIS_ACP2011_18.1 (ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast cells -- anonymized case 18.1)
MCDS_L_0000000055 DCIS_ACP2011_18.2 human DCIS_ACP2011_18.2 (ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast cells -- anonymized case 18.2)
MCDS_L_0000000056 DCIS_ACP2011_19 human DCIS_ACP2011_19 (ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast cells -- anonymized case 19)
MCDS_L_0000000057 DCIS_ACP2011_21 human DCIS_ACP2011_21 (ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast cells -- anonymized case 21)
MCDS_L_0000000058 DCIS_ACP2011_22 human DCIS_ACP2011_22 (ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast cells -- anonymized case 22)
MCDS_L_0000000059 DCIS_ACP2011_23 human DCIS_ACP2011_23 (ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast cells -- anonymized case 23)
MCDS_L_0000000060 DCIS_ACP2011_28 human DCIS_ACP2011_28 (ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast cells -- anonymized case 28)
MCDS_L_0000000061 DCIS_ACP2011_39 human DCIS_ACP2011_39 (ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast cells -- anonymized case 39)
MCDS_L_0000000062 DCIS_ACP2011_40 human DCIS_ACP2011_40 (ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast cells -- anonymized case 40)
MCDS_L_0000000063 DCIS_ACP2011_42 human DCIS_ACP2011_42 (ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast cells -- anonymized case 42)
MCDS_L_0000000064 DCIS_ACP2011_48 human DCIS_ACP2011_48 (ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast cells -- anonymized case 48)
MCDS_L_0000000065 DCIS_ACP2011_51 human DCIS_ACP2011_51 (ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast cells -- anonymized case 51)
MCDS_L_0000000066 GBM_1 human GBM-1 (glioblastoma line for Patient 1)
MCDS_L_0000000067 GBM_2 human GBM-2 (glioblastoma line for Patient 2)
MCDS_L_0000000068 GBM_3 human GBM-3 (glioblastoma line for Patient 3)
MCDS_L_0000000069 GBM_4 human GBM-4 (glioblastoma line for Patient 4)
MCDS_L_0000000070 GBM_5 human GBM-5 (glioblastoma line for Patient 5)
MCDS_L_0000000071 GBM_6 human GBM-6 (glioblastoma line for Patient 6)
MCDS_L_0000000072 GBM_7 human GBM-7 (glioblastoma line for Patient 7)
MCDS_L_0000000073 GBM_8 human GBM-8 (glioblastoma line for Patient 8)
MCDS_L_0000000074 GBM_9 human GBM-9 (glioblastoma line for Patient 9)
MCDS_L_0000000075 GBM_10 human GBM-10 (glioblastoma line for Patient 10)
MCDS_L_0000000076 GBM_11 human GBM-11 (glioblastoma line for Patient 11)
MCDS_L_0000000077 GBM_12 human GBM-12 (glioblastoma line for Patient 12)
MCDS_L_0000000078 GBM_13 human GBM-13 (glioblastoma line for Patient 13)
MCDS_L_0000000079 GBM_14 human GBM-14 (glioblastoma line for Patient 14)
MCDS_L_0000000080 GBM_15 human GBM-15 (glioblastoma line for Patient 15)
MCDS_L_0000000081 GBM_16 human GBM-16 (glioblastoma line for Patient 16)
MCDS_L_0000000082 GBM_17 human GBM-17 (glioblastoma line for Patient 17)
MCDS_L_0000000083 GBM_18 human GBM-18 (glioblastoma line for Patient 18)
MCDS_L_0000000084 GBM_19 human GBM-19 (glioblastoma line for Patient 19)
MCDS_L_0000000085 GBM_20 human GBM-20 (glioblastoma line for Patient 20)
MCDS_L_0000000086 GBM_21 human GBM-21 (glioblastoma line for Patient 21)
MCDS_L_0000000087 GBM_22 human GBM-22 (glioblastoma line for Patient 22)
MCDS_L_0000000088 GBM_23 human GBM-23 (glioblastoma line for Patient 23)
MCDS_L_0000000089 GBM_24 human GBM-24 (glioblastoma line for Patient 24)
MCDS_L_0000000090 GBM_25 human GBM-25 (glioblastoma line for Patient 25)
MCDS_L_0000000091 GBM_26 human GBM-26 (glioblastoma line for Patient 26)
MCDS_L_0000000092 GBM_27 human GBM-27 (glioblastoma line for Patient 27)
MCDS_L_0000000093 GBM_28 human GBM-28 (glioblastoma line for Patient 28)
MCDS_L_0000000094 GBM_29 human GBM-29 (glioblastoma line for Patient 29)
MCDS_L_0000000095 GBM_30 human GBM-30 (glioblastoma line for Patient 30)
MCDS_L_0000000096 GBM_31 human GBM-31 (glioblastoma line for Patient 31)
MCDS_L_0000000097 GBM_32 human GBM-32 (glioblastoma line for Patient 32)
MCDS_L_0000000098 GBM_33 human GBM-33 (glioblastoma line for Patient 33)
MCDS_L_0000000099 GBM_34 human GBM-34 (glioblastoma line for Patient 34)
MCDS_L_0000000100 GBM_35 human GBM-35 (glioblastoma line for Patient 35)
MCDS_L_0000000101 GBM_36 human GBM-36 (glioblastoma line for Patient 36)
MCDS_L_0000000102 GBM_37 human GBM-37 (glioblastoma line for Patient 37)
MCDS_L_0000000103 GBM_38 human GBM-38 (glioblastoma line for Patient 38)
MCDS_L_0000000104 GBM_39 human GBM-39 (glioblastoma line for Patient 39)
MCDS_L_0000000105 GBM_40 human GBM-40 (glioblastoma line for Patient 40)
MCDS_L_0000000106 GBM_41 human GBM-41 (glioblastoma line for Patient 41)
MCDS_L_0000000107 GBM_42 human GBM-42 (glioblastoma line for Patient 42)
MCDS_L_0000000108 GBM_43 human GBM-43 (glioblastoma line for Patient 43)
MCDS_L_0000000109 GBM_44 human GBM-44 (glioblastoma line for Patient 44)
MCDS_L_0000000110 GBM_45 human GBM-45 (glioblastoma line for Patient 45)
MCDS_L_0000000111 GBM_46 human GBM-46 (glioblastoma line for Patient 46)
MCDS_L_0000000112 GBM_47 human GBM-47 (glioblastoma line for Patient 47)
MCDS_L_0000000113 GBM_48 human GBM-48 (glioblastoma line for Patient 48)
MCDS_L_0000000114 GBM_49 human GBM-49 (glioblastoma line for Patient 49)
MCDS_L_0000000115 GBM_50 human GBM-50 (glioblastoma line for Patient 50)
MCDS_L_0000000116 GBM_51 human GBM-51 (glioblastoma line for Patient 51)
MCDS_L_0000000117 GBM_52 human GBM-52 (glioblastoma line for Patient 52)
MCDS_L_0000000118 GBM_53 human GBM-53 (glioblastoma line for Patient 53)
MCDS_L_0000000119 GBM_TCGA-02-0003 human GBM-TCGA-02-0003 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0003)
MCDS_L_0000000120 GBM_TCGA-02-0006 human GBM-TCGA-02-0006 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0006)
MCDS_L_0000000121 GBM_TCGA-02-0009 human GBM-TCGA-02-0009 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0009)
MCDS_L_0000000122 GBM_TCGA-02-0027 human GBM-TCGA-02-0027 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0027)
MCDS_L_0000000123 GBM_TCGA-02-0033 human GBM-TCGA-02-0033 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0033)
MCDS_L_0000000124 GBM_TCGA-02-0034 human GBM-TCGA-02-0034 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0034)
MCDS_L_0000000125 GBM_TCGA-02-0037 human GBM-TCGA-02-0037 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0037)
MCDS_L_0000000126 GBM_TCGA-02-0046 human GBM-TCGA-02-0046 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0046)
MCDS_L_0000000127 GBM_TCGA-02-0047 human GBM-TCGA-02-0047 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0047)
MCDS_L_0000000128 GBM_TCGA-02-0048 human GBM-TCGA-02-0048 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0048)
MCDS_L_0000000129 GBM_TCGA-02-0054 human GBM-TCGA-02-0054 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0054)
MCDS_L_0000000130 GBM_TCGA-02-0059 human GBM-TCGA-02-0059 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0059)
MCDS_L_0000000131 GBM_TCGA-02-0060 human GBM-TCGA-02-0060 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0060)
MCDS_L_0000000132 GBM_TCGA-02-0064 human GBM-TCGA-02-0064 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0064)
MCDS_L_0000000133 GBM_TCGA-02-0068 human GBM-TCGA-02-0068 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0068)
MCDS_L_0000000134 GBM_TCGA-02-0069 human GBM-TCGA-02-0069 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0069)
MCDS_L_0000000135 GBM_TCGA-02-0070 human GBM-TCGA-02-0070 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0070)
MCDS_L_0000000136 GBM_TCGA-02-0075 human GBM-TCGA-02-0075 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0075)
MCDS_L_0000000137 GBM_TCGA-02-0085 human GBM-TCGA-02-0085 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0085)
MCDS_L_0000000138 GBM_TCGA-02-0086 human GBM-TCGA-02-0086 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0086)
MCDS_L_0000000139 GBM_TCGA-02-0087 human GBM-TCGA-02-0087 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0087)
MCDS_L_0000000140 GBM_TCGA-02-0102 human GBM-TCGA-02-0102 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0102)
MCDS_L_0000000141 GBM_TCGA-02-0106 human GBM-TCGA-02-0106 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0106)
MCDS_L_0000000142 GBM_TCGA-02-0116 human GBM-TCGA-02-0116 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0116)
MCDS_L_0000000143 GBM_TCGA-06-0118 human GBM-TCGA-06-0118 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0118)
MCDS_L_0000000144 GBM_TCGA-06-0119 human GBM-TCGA-06-0119 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0119)
MCDS_L_0000000145 GBM_TCGA-06-0122 human GBM-TCGA-06-0122 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0122)
MCDS_L_0000000146 GBM_TCGA-06-0125 human GBM-TCGA-06-0125 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0125)
MCDS_L_0000000147 GBM_TCGA-06-0127 human GBM-TCGA-06-0127 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0127)
MCDS_L_0000000148 GBM_TCGA-06-0128 human GBM-TCGA-06-0128 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0128)
MCDS_L_0000000149 GBM_TCGA-06-0129 human GBM-TCGA-06-0129 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0129)
MCDS_L_0000000150 GBM_TCGA-06-0130 human GBM-TCGA-06-0130 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0130)
MCDS_L_0000000151 GBM_TCGA-06-0132 human GBM-TCGA-06-0132 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0132)
MCDS_L_0000000152 GBM_TCGA-06-0133 human GBM-TCGA-06-0133 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0133)
MCDS_L_0000000153 GBM_TCGA-06-0134 human GBM-TCGA-06-0134 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0134)
MCDS_L_0000000154 GBM_TCGA-06-0135 human GBM-TCGA-06-0135 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0135)
MCDS_L_0000000155 GBM_TCGA-06-0137 human GBM-TCGA-06-0137 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0137)
MCDS_L_0000000156 GBM_TCGA-06-0138 human GBM-TCGA-06-0138 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0138)
MCDS_L_0000000157 GBM_TCGA-06-0139 human GBM-TCGA-06-0139 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0139)
MCDS_L_0000000158 GBM_TCGA-06-0143 human GBM-TCGA-06-0143 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0143)
MCDS_L_0000000159 GBM_TCGA-06-0144 human GBM-TCGA-06-0144 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0144)
MCDS_L_0000000160 GBM_TCGA-06-0145 human GBM-TCGA-06-0145 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0145)
MCDS_L_0000000161 GBM_TCGA-06-0147 human GBM-TCGA-06-0147 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0147)
MCDS_L_0000000162 GBM_TCGA-06-0148 human GBM-TCGA-06-0148 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0148)
MCDS_L_0000000163 GBM_TCGA-06-0149 human GBM-TCGA-06-0149 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0149)
MCDS_L_0000000164 GBM_TCGA-06-0154 human GBM-TCGA-06-0154 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0154)
MCDS_L_0000000165 GBM_TCGA-06-0158 human GBM-TCGA-06-0158 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0158)
MCDS_L_0000000166 GBM_TCGA-06-0160 human GBM-TCGA-06-0160 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0160)
MCDS_L_0000000167 GBM_TCGA-06-0162 human GBM-TCGA-06-0162 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0162)
MCDS_L_0000000168 GBM_TCGA-06-0166 human GBM-TCGA-06-0166 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0166)
MCDS_L_0000000169 GBM_TCGA-06-0168 human GBM-TCGA-06-0168 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0168)
MCDS_L_0000000170 GBM_TCGA-06-0173 human GBM-TCGA-06-0173 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0173)
MCDS_L_0000000171 GBM_TCGA-06-0174 human GBM-TCGA-06-0174 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0174)
MCDS_L_0000000172 GBM_TCGA-06-0175 human GBM-TCGA-06-0175 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0175)
MCDS_L_0000000173 GBM_TCGA-06-0176 human GBM-TCGA-06-0176 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0176)
MCDS_L_0000000174 GBM_TCGA-06-0177 human GBM-TCGA-06-0177 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0177)
MCDS_L_0000000175 GBM_TCGA-06-0179 human GBM-TCGA-06-0179 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0179)
MCDS_L_0000000176 GBM_TCGA-06-0182 human GBM-TCGA-06-0182 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0182)
MCDS_L_0000000177 GBM_TCGA-06-0184 human GBM-TCGA-06-0184 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0184)
MCDS_L_0000000178 GBM_TCGA-06-0185 human GBM-TCGA-06-0185 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0185)
MCDS_L_0000000179 GBM_TCGA-06-0187 human GBM-TCGA-06-0187 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0187)
MCDS_L_0000000180 GBM_TCGA-06-0188 human GBM-TCGA-06-0188 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0188)
MCDS_L_0000000181 GBM_TCGA-06-0189 human GBM-TCGA-06-0189 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0189)
MCDS_L_0000000182 GBM_TCGA-06-0190 human GBM-TCGA-06-0190 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0190)
MCDS_L_0000000183 GBM_TCGA-06-0192 human GBM-TCGA-06-0192 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0192)
MCDS_L_0000000184 GBM_TCGA-06-0213 human GBM-TCGA-06-0213 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0213)
MCDS_L_0000000185 GBM_TCGA-06-0237 human GBM-TCGA-06-0237 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0237)
MCDS_L_0000000186 GBM_TCGA-06-0238 human GBM-TCGA-06-0238 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0238)
MCDS_L_0000000187 GBM_TCGA-06-0240 human GBM-TCGA-06-0240 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0240)
MCDS_L_0000000188 GBM_TCGA-06-0241 human GBM-TCGA-06-0241 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0241)
MCDS_L_0000000189 GBM_TCGA-06-0644 human GBM-TCGA-06-0644 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0644)
MCDS_L_0000000190 GBM_TCGA-06-0645 human GBM-TCGA-06-0645 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0645)
MCDS_L_0000000191 GBM_TCGA-06-0646 human GBM-TCGA-06-0646 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0646)
MCDS_L_0000000192 GBM_TCGA-06-0648 human GBM-TCGA-06-0648 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0648)
MCDS_L_0000000193 GBM_TCGA-06-0649 human GBM-TCGA-06-0649 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0649)
MCDS_L_0000000194 GBM_TCGA-06-5408 human GBM-TCGA-06-5408 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-5408)
MCDS_L_0000000195 GBM_TCGA-06-5412 human GBM-TCGA-06-5412 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-5412)
MCDS_L_0000000196 GBM_TCGA-06-5413 human GBM-TCGA-06-5413 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-5413)
MCDS_L_0000000197 GBM_TCGA-08-0244 human GBM-TCGA-08-0244 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0244)
MCDS_L_0000000198 GBM_TCGA-08-0246 human GBM-TCGA-08-0246 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0246)
MCDS_L_0000000199 GBM_TCGA-08-0348 human GBM-TCGA-08-0348 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0348)
MCDS_L_0000000200 GBM_TCGA-08-0349 human GBM-TCGA-08-0349 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0349)
MCDS_L_0000000201 GBM_TCGA-08-0350 human GBM-TCGA-08-0350 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0350)
MCDS_L_0000000202 GBM_TCGA-08-0352 human GBM-TCGA-08-0352 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0352)
MCDS_L_0000000203 GBM_TCGA-08-0353 human GBM-TCGA-08-0353 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0353)
MCDS_L_0000000204 GBM_TCGA-08-0354 human GBM-TCGA-08-0354 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0354)
MCDS_L_0000000205 GBM_TCGA-08-0355 human GBM-TCGA-08-0355 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0355)
MCDS_L_0000000206 GBM_TCGA-08-0356 human GBM-TCGA-08-0356 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0356)
MCDS_L_0000000207 GBM_TCGA-08-0357 human GBM-TCGA-08-0357 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0357)
MCDS_L_0000000208 GBM_TCGA-08-0358 human GBM-TCGA-08-0358 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0358)
MCDS_L_0000000209 GBM_TCGA-08-0359 human GBM-TCGA-08-0359 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0359)
MCDS_L_0000000210 GBM_TCGA-08-0360 human GBM-TCGA-08-0360 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0360)
MCDS_L_0000000211 GBM_TCGA-08-0381 human GBM-TCGA-08-0381 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0381)
MCDS_L_0000000212 GBM_TCGA-08-0385 human GBM-TCGA-08-0385 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0385)
MCDS_L_0000000213 GBM_TCGA-08-0389 human GBM-TCGA-08-0389 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0389)
MCDS_L_0000000214 GBM_TCGA-08-0390 human GBM-TCGA-08-0390 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0390)
MCDS_L_0000000215 GBM_TCGA-08-0392 human GBM-TCGA-08-0392 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0392)
MCDS_L_0000000216 GBM_TCGA-08-0509 human GBM-TCGA-08-0509 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0509)
MCDS_L_0000000217 GBM_TCGA-08-0510 human GBM-TCGA-08-0510 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0510)
MCDS_L_0000000218 GBM_TCGA-08-0511 human GBM-TCGA-08-0511 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0511)
MCDS_L_0000000219 GBM_TCGA-14-1456 human GBM-TCGA-14-1456 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-14-1456)
MCDS_L_0000000220 GBM_TCGA-14-1794 human GBM-TCGA-14-1794 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-14-1794)
MCDS_L_0000000221 GBM_TCGA-14-1829 human GBM-TCGA-14-1829 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-14-1829)
MCDS_L_0000000222 GBM_TCGA-14-3477 human GBM-TCGA-14-3477 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-14-3477)
MCDS_L_0000000223 GBM_54 human GBM-54 (glioblastoma line for Patient 54)
MCDS_L_0000000224 GBM_55 human GBM-55 (glioblastoma line for Patient 55)
MCDS_L_0000000225 GBM_56 human GBM-56 (glioblastoma line for Patient 56)
MCDS_L_0000000226 GBM_57 human GBM-57 (glioblastoma line for Patient 57)
MCDS_L_0000000227 GBM_58 human GBM-58 (glioblastoma line for Patient 58)
MCDS_L_0000000228 GBM_59 human GBM-59 (glioblastoma line for Patient 59)
MCDS_L_0000000229 GBM_60 human GBM-60 (glioblastoma line for Patient 60)
MCDS_L_0000000230 GBM_61 human GBM-61 (glioblastoma line for Patient 61)
MCDS_L_0000000231 GBM_62 human GBM-62 (glioblastoma line for Patient 62)
MCDS_L_0000000232 GBM_63 human GBM-63 (glioblastoma line for Patient 63)
MCDS_L_0000000233 GBM_64 human GBM-64 (glioblastoma line for Patient 64)
MCDS_L_0000000234 GBM_65 human GBM-65 (glioblastoma line for Patient 65)
MCDS_L_0000000235 GBM_66 human GBM-66 (glioblastoma line for Patient 66)
MCDS_L_0000000236 GBM_67 human GBM-67 (glioblastoma line for Patient 67)
MCDS_L_0000000237 GBM_68 human GBM-68 (glioblastoma line for Patient 68)