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Wednesday, Aug 10th, 2016
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Wednesday, Feb 24th, 2016
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MultiCellDB : GBM Collection

MultiCellDB is currently undergoing a major software upgrade and customizations at the USC Information Sciences Institute. After the upgrade and customizations are complete, this portal will be supplemented with the newer portal. Please see http://portals.MultiCellDS.org. The data on this static portal represent the initial MultiCellDB repository in December 2016.

See http://portals.MultiCellDS.org for a list of other portals to MultiCellDB.

Versioning Information

This static portal is current as of December 7, 2016. It will be replaced by newly indexed data on occasion. The "master" data can be accessed directly at gitlab, at:


GBM Collection

Description: These is a collection of patient-derived digital cell lines for glioblastoma based on information inferred from MRI data and a patient-specific mathematical model.
Total count: 172
Maintainer: Russell Rockne, Ph.D. (ORCID: 0000-0002-1557-159X)
Main data source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4022227/
License: CC-BY 4.0
MultiCellDB_ID Digital Cell Line Description and notes
MCDS_L_0000000066 GBM_1 GBM-1 (glioblastoma line for Patient 1)
MCDS_L_0000000067 GBM_2 GBM-2 (glioblastoma line for Patient 2)
MCDS_L_0000000068 GBM_3 GBM-3 (glioblastoma line for Patient 3)
MCDS_L_0000000069 GBM_4 GBM-4 (glioblastoma line for Patient 4)
MCDS_L_0000000070 GBM_5 GBM-5 (glioblastoma line for Patient 5)
MCDS_L_0000000071 GBM_6 GBM-6 (glioblastoma line for Patient 6)
MCDS_L_0000000072 GBM_7 GBM-7 (glioblastoma line for Patient 7)
MCDS_L_0000000073 GBM_8 GBM-8 (glioblastoma line for Patient 8)
MCDS_L_0000000074 GBM_9 GBM-9 (glioblastoma line for Patient 9)
MCDS_L_0000000075 GBM_10 GBM-10 (glioblastoma line for Patient 10)
MCDS_L_0000000076 GBM_11 GBM-11 (glioblastoma line for Patient 11)
MCDS_L_0000000077 GBM_12 GBM-12 (glioblastoma line for Patient 12)
MCDS_L_0000000078 GBM_13 GBM-13 (glioblastoma line for Patient 13)
MCDS_L_0000000079 GBM_14 GBM-14 (glioblastoma line for Patient 14)
MCDS_L_0000000080 MCDS_L_0000000135 GBM_TCGA-02-0070 GBM-TCGA-02-0070 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0070)
MCDS_L_0000000136 GBM_TCGA-02-0075 GBM-TCGA-02-0075 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0075)
MCDS_L_0000000137 GBM_TCGA-02-0085 GBM-TCGA-02-0085 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0085)
MCDS_L_0000000138 GBM_TCGA-02-0086 GBM-TCGA-02-0086 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0086)
MCDS_L_0000000139 GBM_TCGA-02-0087 GBM-TCGA-02-0087 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0087)
MCDS_L_0000000140 GBM_TCGA-02-0102 GBM-TCGA-02-0102 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0102)
MCDS_L_0000000141 GBM_TCGA-02-0106 GBM-TCGA-02-0106 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0106)
MCDS_L_0000000142 GBM_TCGA-02-0116 GBM-TCGA-02-0116 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-02-0116)
MCDS_L_0000000143 GBM_TCGA-06-0118 GBM-TCGA-06-0118 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0118)
MCDS_L_0000000144 GBM_TCGA-06-0119 GBM-TCGA-06-0119 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0119)
MCDS_L_0000000145 GBM_TCGA-06-0122 GBM-TCGA-06-0122 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0122)
MCDS_L_0000000146 GBM_TCGA-06-0125 GBM-TCGA-06-0125 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0125)
MCDS_L_0000000147 GBM_TCGA-06-0127 GBM-TCGA-06-0127 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0127)
MCDS_L_0000000148 GBM_TCGA-06-0128 GBM-TCGA-06-0128 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0128)
MCDS_L_0000000149 GBM_TCGA-06-0129 GBM-TCGA-06-0129 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0129)
MCDS_L_0000000150 GBM_TCGA-06-0130 GBM-TCGA-06-0130 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0130)
MCDS_L_0000000151 GBM_TCGA-06-0132 GBM-TCGA-06-0132 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0132)
MCDS_L_0000000152 GBM_TCGA-06-0133 GBM-TCGA-06-0133 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0133)
MCDS_L_0000000153 GBM_TCGA-06-0134 GBM-TCGA-06-0134 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0134)
MCDS_L_0000000154 GBM_TCGA-06-0135 GBM-TCGA-06-0135 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0135)
MCDS_L_0000000155 GBM_TCGA-06-0137 GBM-TCGA-06-0137 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0137)
MCDS_L_0000000156 GBM_TCGA-06-0138 GBM-TCGA-06-0138 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0138)
MCDS_L_0000000157 GBM_TCGA-06-0139 GBM-TCGA-06-0139 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0139)
MCDS_L_0000000158 GBM_TCGA-06-0143 GBM-TCGA-06-0143 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0143)
MCDS_L_0000000159 GBM_TCGA-06-0144 GBM-TCGA-06-0144 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0144)
MCDS_L_0000000160 GBM_TCGA-06-0145 GBM-TCGA-06-0145 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0145)
MCDS_L_0000000161 GBM_TCGA-06-0147 GBM-TCGA-06-0147 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0147)
MCDS_L_0000000162 GBM_TCGA-06-0148 GBM-TCGA-06-0148 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0148)
MCDS_L_0000000163 GBM_TCGA-06-0149 GBM-TCGA-06-0149 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0149)
MCDS_L_0000000164 GBM_TCGA-06-0154 GBM-TCGA-06-0154 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0154)
MCDS_L_0000000165 GBM_TCGA-06-0158 GBM-TCGA-06-0158 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0158)
MCDS_L_0000000166 GBM_TCGA-06-0160 GBM-TCGA-06-0160 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0160)
MCDS_L_0000000167 GBM_TCGA-06-0162 GBM-TCGA-06-0162 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0162)
MCDS_L_0000000168 GBM_TCGA-06-0166 GBM-TCGA-06-0166 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0166)
MCDS_L_0000000169 GBM_TCGA-06-0168 GBM-TCGA-06-0168 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0168)
MCDS_L_0000000170 GBM_TCGA-06-0173 GBM-TCGA-06-0173 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0173)
MCDS_L_0000000171 GBM_TCGA-06-0174 GBM-TCGA-06-0174 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0174)
MCDS_L_0000000172 GBM_TCGA-06-0175 GBM-TCGA-06-0175 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0175)
MCDS_L_0000000173 GBM_TCGA-06-0176 GBM-TCGA-06-0176 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0176)
MCDS_L_0000000174 GBM_TCGA-06-0177 GBM-TCGA-06-0177 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0177)
MCDS_L_0000000175 GBM_TCGA-06-0179 GBM-TCGA-06-0179 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0179)
MCDS_L_0000000176 GBM_TCGA-06-0182 GBM-TCGA-06-0182 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0182)
MCDS_L_0000000177 GBM_TCGA-06-0184 GBM-TCGA-06-0184 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0184)
MCDS_L_0000000178 GBM_TCGA-06-0185 GBM-TCGA-06-0185 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0185)
MCDS_L_0000000179 GBM_TCGA-06-0187 GBM-TCGA-06-0187 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0187)
MCDS_L_0000000180 GBM_TCGA-06-0188 GBM-TCGA-06-0188 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0188)
MCDS_L_0000000181 GBM_TCGA-06-0189 GBM-TCGA-06-0189 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0189)
MCDS_L_0000000182 GBM_TCGA-06-0190 GBM-TCGA-06-0190 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0190)
MCDS_L_0000000183 GBM_TCGA-06-0192 GBM-TCGA-06-0192 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0192)
MCDS_L_0000000184 GBM_TCGA-06-0213 GBM-TCGA-06-0213 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0213)
MCDS_L_0000000185 GBM_TCGA-06-0237 GBM-TCGA-06-0237 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0237)
MCDS_L_0000000186 GBM_TCGA-06-0238 GBM-TCGA-06-0238 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0238)
MCDS_L_0000000187 GBM_TCGA-06-0240 GBM-TCGA-06-0240 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0240)
MCDS_L_0000000188 GBM_TCGA-06-0241 GBM-TCGA-06-0241 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0241)
MCDS_L_0000000189 GBM_TCGA-06-0644 GBM-TCGA-06-0644 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0644)
MCDS_L_0000000190 GBM_TCGA-06-0645 GBM-TCGA-06-0645 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0645)
MCDS_L_0000000191 GBM_TCGA-06-0646 GBM-TCGA-06-0646 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0646)
MCDS_L_0000000192 GBM_TCGA-06-0648 GBM-TCGA-06-0648 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0648)
MCDS_L_0000000193 GBM_TCGA-06-0649 GBM-TCGA-06-0649 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-0649)
MCDS_L_0000000194 GBM_TCGA-06-5408 GBM-TCGA-06-5408 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-5408)
MCDS_L_0000000195 GBM_TCGA-06-5412 GBM-TCGA-06-5412 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-5412)
MCDS_L_0000000196 GBM_TCGA-06-5413 GBM-TCGA-06-5413 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-06-5413)
MCDS_L_0000000197 GBM_TCGA-08-0244 GBM-TCGA-08-0244 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0244)
MCDS_L_0000000198 GBM_TCGA-08-0246 GBM-TCGA-08-0246 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0246)
MCDS_L_0000000199 GBM_TCGA-08-0348 GBM-TCGA-08-0348 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0348)
MCDS_L_0000000200 GBM_TCGA-08-0349 GBM-TCGA-08-0349 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0349)
MCDS_L_0000000201 GBM_TCGA-08-0350 GBM-TCGA-08-0350 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0350)
MCDS_L_0000000202 GBM_TCGA-08-0352 GBM-TCGA-08-0352 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0352)
MCDS_L_0000000203 GBM_TCGA-08-0353 GBM-TCGA-08-0353 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0353)
MCDS_L_0000000204 GBM_TCGA-08-0354 GBM-TCGA-08-0354 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0354)
MCDS_L_0000000205 GBM_TCGA-08-0355 GBM-TCGA-08-0355 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0355)
MCDS_L_0000000206 GBM_TCGA-08-0356 GBM-TCGA-08-0356 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0356)
MCDS_L_0000000207 GBM_TCGA-08-0357 GBM-TCGA-08-0357 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0357)
MCDS_L_0000000208 GBM_TCGA-08-0358 GBM-TCGA-08-0358 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0358)
MCDS_L_0000000209 GBM_TCGA-08-0359 GBM-TCGA-08-0359 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0359)
MCDS_L_0000000210 GBM_TCGA-08-0360 GBM-TCGA-08-0360 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0360)
MCDS_L_0000000211 GBM_TCGA-08-0381 GBM-TCGA-08-0381 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0381)
MCDS_L_0000000212 GBM_TCGA-08-0385 GBM-TCGA-08-0385 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0385)
MCDS_L_0000000213 GBM_TCGA-08-0389 GBM-TCGA-08-0389 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0389)
MCDS_L_0000000214 GBM_TCGA-08-0390 GBM-TCGA-08-0390 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0390)
MCDS_L_0000000215 GBM_TCGA-08-0392 GBM-TCGA-08-0392 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0392)
MCDS_L_0000000216 GBM_TCGA-08-0509 GBM-TCGA-08-0509 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0509)
MCDS_L_0000000217 GBM_TCGA-08-0510 GBM-TCGA-08-0510 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0510)
MCDS_L_0000000218 GBM_TCGA-08-0511 GBM-TCGA-08-0511 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-08-0511)
MCDS_L_0000000219 GBM_TCGA-14-1456 GBM-TCGA-14-1456 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-14-1456)
MCDS_L_0000000220 GBM_TCGA-14-1794 GBM-TCGA-14-1794 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-14-1794)
MCDS_L_0000000221 GBM_TCGA-14-1829 GBM-TCGA-14-1829 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-14-1829)
MCDS_L_0000000222 GBM_TCGA-14-3477 GBM-TCGA-14-3477 (glioblastoma line for Patient TCGA-14-3477)
MCDS_L_0000000223 GBM_54 GBM-54 (glioblastoma line for Patient 54)
MCDS_L_0000000224 GBM_55 GBM-55 (glioblastoma line for Patient 55)
MCDS_L_0000000225 GBM_56 GBM-56 (glioblastoma line for Patient 56)
MCDS_L_0000000226 GBM_57 GBM-57 (glioblastoma line for Patient 57)
MCDS_L_0000000227 GBM_58 GBM-58 (glioblastoma line for Patient 58)
MCDS_L_0000000228 GBM_59 GBM-59 (glioblastoma line for Patient 59)
MCDS_L_0000000229 GBM_60 GBM-60 (glioblastoma line for Patient 60)
MCDS_L_0000000230 GBM_61 GBM-61 (glioblastoma line for Patient 61)
MCDS_L_0000000231 GBM_62 GBM-62 (glioblastoma line for Patient 62)
MCDS_L_0000000232 GBM_63 GBM-63 (glioblastoma line for Patient 63)
MCDS_L_0000000233 GBM_64 GBM-64 (glioblastoma line for Patient 64)
MCDS_L_0000000234 GBM_65 GBM-65 (glioblastoma line for Patient 65)
MCDS_L_0000000235 GBM_66 GBM-66 (glioblastoma line for Patient 66)
MCDS_L_0000000236 GBM_67 GBM-67 (glioblastoma line for Patient 67)
MCDS_L_0000000237 GBM_68 GBM-68 (glioblastoma line for Patient 68)