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Wednesday, Aug 10th, 2016
Moving the blog to MathCancer.org: Hi, everyone! Blogspot has been a great platform for me, but in the end, editing posts with source code and mathematics has been too much of ... [read more]

Wednesday, Feb 24th, 2016
Saving MultiCellDS data from BioFVM: Note: This is the fifth in a series of "how-to" blog posts to help new users and developers of BioFVM.  Introduction A major initiative for my lab ... [read more]

Version history and roadmap

MultiCellDS standard

The current development version has a green background.
The current stable version has a gold background.
The targeted next stable version has a blue background.

Version Dates Key events
0.0 2007-12 Prototyped MultiCellXML, a predecessor of MultiCellDS. Published first specification and data set for DCIS (DOI: 10.1016/j.jtbi.2012.02.002)
Note: This is version 1.0 of the preceding MultiCellXML project.
0.1 2013-14 Developed MultiCellDS in vitro and simulation data elements. Introduced digital cell lines, digital snapshots, and digital replicates. Developed naming scheme for MultiCellDS (overall data standard), MultiCellXML (recording MultiCellDS data elements in XML), MultiCellHDF (a future rendering into hierarchical data format), and MultiCellDB (the database of submitted MultiCellDS data)
0.2 Oct-Dec 2014 Consistency check prior to invited public comment; preparing documentation for invited public comment
0.3 Dec 2014-Jan 2015 Locked-down draft; preparing documentation for invited public comment
0.3-0.4 Jan-Jun 2015
(Round 1 review)
Send 0.3 documentation to reviewers (Jan 2015). Invited public comment Round 1 in Version 0.3 (Jan-May 2015), with a focus on metadata and digital cell lines. Incorporation of Round 1 comments in Version 0.4 and "town hall" reviews (Jun 2015).
0.5-0.6 Jun-Sep 2015
(Round 2 review)
Invited public comment Round 2 on Version 0.5 (Jun-Jul 2015), with a focus on digital snapshots. Incorporation of Round 2 comments in Version 0.6 and "town hall" reviews (Jul-Sep 2015).
0.7-0.8 Oct-Dec 2015
(Round 3 review)
Invited comment Round 3 on Version 0.7 (Oct 2015), with a focus on digital snapshots, collections, clinical and pathology data elements, and any remaining features for the 1.0 release. Incorporation of minor improvements from Rounds 1-2.
0.9 Jan-Nov 2016 Locked-down draft; bugfixes, final documentation, final use case testing.
1.0 Dec 2016 Public release including digital snapshots, digital cell lines, and collections.
1.1 Jan-Dec 2017 Extensions to include molecular scale data using existing standards. Prototyping networks of digital cell lines, networks of phenotype datasets. User refinements from experimental biology community. Extensions to embedded omics'es.
1.2 Jan 2018-? Merge of 1.0 (stable) and prototype 1.1 elements

Longer-term MultiCellDS Roadmap

The longer-term roadmap will change in response to user feedback and interest. In particular, we will work on networking digital cell lines (e.g., to represent differentiation, adaptation, and mutation lineages), networking phenotype datasets (to represent hysteresis in cell adaptations), and embedding smaller-scale "omics'es" within phenotype datasets. We also anticipate a cleaner separation of cell cycle and cell death models.

If you feel a feature is missing from MultiCellDS and its roadmap, please contact us!